You don’t have to floss all your teeth – only the ones that you want to keep!


digital-dental-xrayCarmel Valley Family Dental uses the latest in digital x-ray technology. Digital x-rays are one of the greatest modern improvements in dentistry that offers increased detail, better resolution, and reduced radiation.

The full list of benefits includes:

  • Reduced exposure to radiation
  • Large imaging with more detail means you get a better understanding of your treatment
  • Environmentally friendly (no chemicals for developing film)
  • Instant results—less waiting time and shorter appointments
  • Images can instantly be sent to a specialist for co-diagnosis and treatment
  • Can compare images over time to better determine your dental condition
  • Can interlay measuring instruments, color markings and other clinical tools for more accurate treatment.


Gone are the days of paper charts where information can be hard to read or difficult to transfer. At our practice, we are using digital charting to keep an accurate e-record that is fully HIPAA compliant. This allows for a better record, which can be easily decipherable and allows for sharing with authorized specialists.


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At Carmel Valley Family Dental, we use a soft-tissue laser to trim the gums when possible, because with lasers, you don’t feel a thing. It’s the ultimate in pain-free dentistry. Plus, lasers create excellent isolation of the tooth and moisture control. Laser dentistry is also a cost-effective method, so we can provide it to you at no extra charge.